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Mandan Buffalo Dance                                  Indians of Plains                                   Indians of Plains     

code WEST-01                                         code WEST-02                                     code WEST-03




Indians of Plains                                        Surrounded                                             Surrounded    

 code WEST-04                                         code WEST-05                                        code WEST-06





                                            Surrounded                                                       Diorama obtained using sheets

                                         code WEST-07                                                      WEST-05 WEST-06 WEST-07




                                        code WEST-08                                      code WEST-09                                        code WEST-10




                                        code WEST-11                                      code WEST-12                                        code WEST-13





                                        code WEST-14                                     code WEST-15                                         code WEST-16




                                      code WEST-17